Sami Antar: Osama El Saedy “… is no champion, He is a cunt”

Sami Antar had quite a lot to say about his upcoming opponent at Phoenix 6. In his next fight, Sami Antar (3-0-0) will be making his Phoenix debut squaring off against the former Desert Force Light-Heavyweight champion, Osama El-Saedy (7-1-0).

Though El Seady is a former champion, Antar is showing to have absolutely no respect for him. Antar is confident that his technical level is much superior to that of his opponent. He questions Al-Saedy’s training approach and feels that his high level of MMA, as well as his versatile arsenal of skills in the sport will surpass that of his opponent’s, who primarily comes from a wrestling background.

Sami Antar:

“MMA is more than doing push-ups and blasting double legs. I will be his first real professional opponent and he will find out that there are different levels of skill in this game.”

Fighting for the Desert Force Light-Heavyweight title in late 2016, El Saedy faced Mostafa Rashed in a fight that was surrounded by a lot of controversy from start to finish. There were a few antics that El Saedy pulled off and away with in the weigh-ins the day before the fight that did not go well with Antar as well as a lot of people that had been present then. On fight night, the arena was fueled up with mixed emotions following a low blow that El Saedy landed to Rashed’s groin. El Saedy took advantage and rushed in for the kill, finishing a closely contest fight full of back and forth action via TKO in the 2nd round. In his assessment, Antar saw that the fight was supposed to be ruled as a No-Contest due to the low blow and held nothing back through his barrage of verbal attack on El-Saidy.

Sami Antar:

“He kicked him full force in the nuts, then acted like nothing happened and started punching the guy, who is busy being in pain with his hands on his nuts. Then after the referee stopped the fight, he was flexing next to his opponent like he did a good job and dominated. He proceeded to spit in his opponent in the face. This is not MMA, this is disgusting close-minded behavior. This is after he provoked a brawl at the weigh-ins by being a childish little cunt and fucking up everyone’s day. In closing, that fight should have been a No-Contest by a low blow was missed by the referee. He is no champion in any way. He is a cunt!”


Phoenix 6 will take place on the 5th of April 2018 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Stay tuned for the full official fight card to be released soon.

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