Sami Antar: If Karaki Wants A Fight, He Will Get One

We sure do miss seeing the champ in action


Mhamad “Lutador” Karaki! The Desert Force light heavyweight champion! He literally earned the title belt with blood, sweat and tears. We sure do miss seeing the champ in action! If only there was a challenger.

Almost everyone was surprised following this week’s announcement of Karaki dropping down to middleweight, and it seems like Desert Force can’t find the right challenger for the Champ.

But now guess what? Sami Antar has been ruled out without him knowing! Fighting out of Tunisia but currently living in the Netherlands, Antar has already had a fight in Desert Force back in 2012 where he finished Mohamed Abdel Azim in the first round by TKO. Antar holds a 3-0 record with a KO, TKO and a decision victory. Impressive and sounding like a respectable opponent and a real challenge for Karaki, doesn’t it?

Now, the problem with this beautiful tale is, Karaki wants to go down to middle weight division because he cannot find an opponent at light heavyweight. Who knows? Maybe the champ didn’t know about Sami Antar as a challenger? Maybe he also got excited with all the other guys (Mohamed Fakhredine, Hashem Arkhaga etc…) changing their weight classes and didn’t want to feel left out?

Back to serious business. Sami Antar might not really deserve a title shot since he has been out for a while yet am I the only one who thinks that this match up is better than the Champ dropping weight and facing a random opponent?

In a discussion with ArabsMMA reporter, Antar was very clear to challenge Mhamad Karaki for his light heavyweight title, saying:

“I don’t understand why does Karaki want to cut down to middle weight. If it’s a fight he wants, he’ll get one this December. I’m undefeated, and so is he. Let’s make it happen! I’ll sign the contract now if he accepts the challenge”.

I personally want to see the Champ defend his title! I want to see him fight but I also want to see him enter the arena holding the shield which he earned!

To our beloved champion with the Rocky Balboa story everybody can relate to: The gauntlet has been laid and the challenge is set.

Stay tuned to find out how will Karaki respons and how will the events wind up!

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