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Sarsar Has Been Called Upon To Face Tarek Suleiman

Tarek Suleiman vs. Khalid Walid was to be one of the most anticipated fights on the Desert Force Grand Prix card. But here is how it went down after Walid appeared on a video on, and stated that won’t be fighting this June, but would love to fight Suleiman later on in the year.

In the video, Abu Naim challenges Suleiman for a rematch claiming that he is ready right now, and will go after all the fighters he has faced before. Less than a week later, after throwing verbal jabs at one another on twitter, Abu Naim is all of a sudden out of the picture due to illness. This will no doubt delay any rematch between the two for a long time.

In hindsight, it would seem that Suleiman did not want this fight to begin with, considering it would not benefit his career, but his desire to fight got the best of him and he took the bout.

Accordingly, with less than a week till fight day, Mohammad Sarsar has been called upon to face Suleiman. A newcomer to Desert Force, Sarsar has competed in cage warriors, and won his last fight via TKO over Yazan Janeb.

Despite the short notice, Tarek Suleiman welcomes the challenge, and is very glad to be facing someone he thinks is a more worthy opponent than Abu Naim.

“These changes didn’t affect me at any point. I never stop training so I am always ready to fight anyone. I train with the best and now I can adapt to any fight more easily”

Suleiman will surely enter this bout in top physical and mental condition. Indeed, he has trained very hard, and WE Academy coach Wissam Abou Nader has stated, “Tarek is a machine.”

Sarsar is no walk in the park for Tarek, yet after seeing Tarek in multiple training camps, this fellow man shows no fear and seems to leave no space for error this time. After his last fight, Suleiman’s attitude surely reveals that he will not be broken. Let’s wait n see, Fans are gonna love this one 😉

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