Sayfco CEO To Found The Biggest Muay Thai/ MMA Promotion in the Region

Chahe Yervanian’s far-reaching contributions to Arab martial arts in 2015 had left profound impact on the sport, and the year was deemed the MMA invasion of Sayfco Holding. When asked, Mr. Yerevanian’s response was always bold and clear: “This is just the beginning”. Well, it wasn’t very clear for us, as this had left us wondering what more can this man offer when he’d already done enough?

It looks like Sayfco Holding’s CEO is on “mission unstoppable”, venturing into new dimensions as he reveals plans of establishing the biggest Muay Thai/ MMA promotion in the region, and possibly all of the eastern hemisphere!

Not much details have been disclosed yet, but there are talks that Mr. Yerevanian will be offering money purses to fighters of the order of USD 10,000.

If this plan comes to life, the MMA scene in the region is sure to shake on different levels. With more competition around, promotions will be forced to re-structure and provide more services and entertainment to secure its shares in the market. For fighters this would definitely mean more power, for the fans, get ready to be entertained!

Stay tuned on as we follow Mr. Chahe Yerevanian on his new quest.

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  • I said it before that Mr. CHAHE has some issues/ conflicts with desert force, which is the reason why DF academy was moved to abu dhabi instead of Beirut (one of Sayfco big projects)

    Now he wants to close desert force buisness lol.. good luck chahe

  • Excellent news! Well thought Mr. Chahe, I could see this one coming in your fighting spirit when I had the pleasure to meet you in Dubai’s last DF event. I assume that me and most if not all Arab MMA fans will be supporting you for the goodwill of this.

    Kindest regards,

  • so when he says mma and muay thai he really means a shogun promotion where they get matched up against bullshit fighters….

  • $10,000 purse per fighter? Just like the $1 Million apartment that was promised and never given to any fighter in the previous DF in Lebanon?

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