Sayfco Spreads Support to the Jordan Amateur MMA Scene

Sayfco Holding Sponsors Yazan Ghattas


Sayfco to Sponsor the First Arab Referee – Jordan

The one and only Chahe Yerevanian, CEO of Sayfco Holding, has become the major name of sponsorship in the realm of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in the Arab region. Not only is he a heavy supporter of Lebanon’s Team Shogun, but of the Desert Force promotion, continuously doing all that he can to care for fighters and events in the Middle East. He is now going ahead with sponsoring the upcoming Jordan Amateur Championship, as of yet the date and location are still to be determined.

The interesting part of this new project of sponsorship for the Jordanian Amateur Championship is the fact that it comes not to a fighter, but to a referee.

When it comes to fights, the fighters are not the only ones who need dedicated training and skill. It is the referees as well. Without proper training a referee can make judgement calls that can prevent proper scoring from judges, can come at critical moments, and may even borderline on the dangerous. For example, if one doesn’t stop a match when it is essential to do so, harm may come to a fighter, especially within the amateur bouts.

For this reason, Yerevanian has decided it is important to sponsor the first Arab referee. The referee, Yazan Ghatas who is one of the founders of the Jordanian Amateur Championship, will have an all-expense paid trip to the United States to undergo an international referee certification through a professional course in the art and skill of refereeing MMA bouts.

“Chahe’s contribution to the sport is remarkable and incredible. He has already established himself as one of the main sponsors and supporters of MMA in the region, so this step of him sponsoring a Jordanian amateur promotion comes pure from the heart and from the appreciation for the fighters and love for the sport. The man even offered to sponsor me as the first Arab Referee, what a guy!” – Yazan Ghattas.

I am proud to announce that Sayfco holding are going to be our main sponsor for JAC 6 and also my sponsor as the first…

Posted by Yazan Ghattas on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Yerevanian made his way to the latest Jordan Amateur Championship, JAC 5 Bshabshe Vs Zeidan, morally supporting and financially sponsoring the Lebanese team represented by Team Shogun back in Nov 20, 2015. It was then that he met Ghattas and discussed his interest in providing the needed support for the promotion. Impressed by the work being done by such a small team with little to know financial support, Yerevanian took the initiative to make a change. The two met once again at Desert Force 20 in Dubai where the agreement was finalised.

This push for excellence in all aspects of the sport shows Yerevanian’s admiration for the sport. It is even more deeply felt knowing that this sponsorship comes in the old school style of things as it brings no business to him or his business, just the peace of mind that he is doing all he can to improve the standards of MMA in the Arab region.

About Jordan Amateur Championship

Jordan Amateur Championship is a Jordanian based amateur MMA promotion. It is hosted at Al Hussein boxing Arena and organized by Desert Force’s Taher Hamdan and Yazan Ghattas, along with MMA fighter Thabet Agha and Jendar Khemesh.

  • JAC 1 NOV 21 , 2014 Seeto Vs AlZaq
  • JAC 2 March 6 2015 Alqaisi Vs Seeto
  • JAC 3 June 12 , 2015 Bjanthla Vs Al Qaruti
  • JAC 4 August 28 , 2015 Harahshe Vs. ElDawimah
  • JAC 5 Nov , 20 2015 Bshabshe Vs Zeidan
  • JAC 6 Feb 26 , 2016 TBA

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  • This is bad… Very bad. Shogun brought shahe, people think ghattas gives shogun fighter favors , now shahe sponsor him… Mma here is dead and corapt

    • I know the Shishani dude left the organization after this decision. He posted on fb saying he sold his share in jac. And from knowing him, I am sure he did it for free.
      Hats of to him, he always kept things real and always stood for the fighters. Never ran for money like all are doing.

  • yeh, i guess its a good thing. But he is always full of drama too and when he leave is maybe just for attention or drama

    • Yeah maybe, But if it was for attention, don’t think he would’ve leave dfc.

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