Sayfco’s ” GALATEIA ” Hosts Al Academiya Season 4 In Lebanon

Project Galateia - Sayfco HoldingProject Galateia - Sayfco HoldingProject Galateia - Sayfco HoldingProject Galateia - Sayfco HoldingProject Galateia - Sayfco Holding


As announced earlier this week, the hard-hitting reality series Desert Force Al Academiya will be heading to Lebanon in search for the next Al Academiya lightweight champion and light heavyweight champion.

Lebanon is a country mostly known for welcoming its guests with warm hospitality, and it seems as though Chahe Yerevanian will be going out of his way to be the generous and gracious host, offering Galateia as a venue for the 4th Season of Al Academiya.

Perfectly positioned on the picturesque bay of Zouq, Galateia is a coming project to be developed by Lebanon’s biggest real estate company, Sayfco Holding. The project worth over $1 billion spreads over 50,000 sqm of beach resorts, 1100 chalets, a private marina, and a 5 star hotel!

Ahead of the excavations, this project will witness the Al Academiya season 4 battles before becoming one of the biggest beach resorts in the region.

The site will be set up with a big hangar that will house a cage and a top-of-the-line equipped gym equipped.

Galateia will be Al Academiya’s largest and most exotic venue to date. The show is expected to be filmed during the month of May, the most pleasant time to visit Lebanon. The near perfect weather, 22-26°C along the coast, makes the whole experience even better than a trip to Thailand!

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  • When will try outs begin?and where? is it Important to represent a gym ? what about weigh ins. . they will be a day before fights)? its only for amateurs?

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