Scoring Controversy Ensues, But El Selawi 100% Certain He Won at Desert Force 22

Jarrah Al Selawi


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Jarrah Al Selawi faced Artem Reznikov in the main event of Desert Force 22 last Monday night in Al Selawi’s hometown of Amman, Jordan. According to the judges and Al Selawi, himself, it was the Ali Altaamari-trained Al Selawi who won after the bout went to the scorecards. They had it 30-27 , 29-28 , 29-28 for Al Selawi. The issue, however, is it’s not clear who beyond the judges and Al Selawi’s team believe the hometown fighter truly won.

ArabsMMA staff scored the bout 29-28 for Reznikov, as did a lot of fans and officials. In the aftermath of the announcement that Al Selawi had won, the most observable online reactions ranged from shock to disgust. ArabsMMA reporter Zahi Ephrem caught up with Jarrah in the weekend following his fight. When asked if he expected this decision, he replied the following:

“Zahi you’re the first person that stated something was wrong with the decision. I will say it briefly, this is an MMA fight, not a wrestling match. The decision was unanimous, meaning it wasn’t even close.”

“I’m happy,” he continued. “Thank God for everything, I was sure I won.”

Naturally, Reznikov didn’t share Al Selawi’s assessment. He blasted the promotion and the judges for what he perceived as unfairness and incompetency.

Desert Force’s Zaid Mirza also shared his opinion about this decision , giving the fight result for Reznikov. With Mirza’s statement coming this way, The Arab MMA commission quickly issued a report which explained in details who this score came to life.

As for any future fight, Al Selawi didn’t rule out a rematch with Reznikov to settle matters but made it clear that I won’t go the distance this time.

“Artem is a mulish fighter. I’d fight him any day of the week, but it won’t last long” Al Selawi said of Reznikov.

“He is the toughest opponent I have ever fought, never did anyone escape my triangle as I was hitting them.”

“This was a great night for me. I thought I won the fight, 100 percent. So did the judges. I put him in danger when I was on my back and I did the same while the fight was stand up. Yeah, it’s my hometown, but the judges came and did their job. Some reporters can say this, say that.”

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  • A shame for these judges and Jarrah, who had lain all fight on his back.. Jarrah if you are a real man, you should refuse such a victory, and not jump for joy like a child!!! what about 7 take down?? Do you remember about? Are you happy becouse still alive after this fight?lol a shame to you // all fighters who was this night in Amman said you are lose!

  • You can absolutely win a fight from your back. you can be on your back for 5 straight minutes and 100% win a fight

    • No.. it’s MMA ..if you don’t understand these rules you are not a fighter just a baby . take down it’s important and it was a lot.. disgusting!!! Jordanians you just disgraced

  • Yes it is.. you can win a fight from your back.. but not Jarrah. Jarrah lost 100% this understand everybody and every vere.. we never will send our fighters over there.. this is not a judgment, this is a shame

  • Ugly organization! Incompetent refereeing and a judgment! This case will serve as a lesson not only for our club, but also for many others!

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