Ahmad Alhouli Unveils Reason Behind Arti’s Absence From Desert Force Bahrain


A fight between Mohammed Arti and Gabriel Tayeh was scheduled for Desert Force Bahrain fight card last Friday. Yet as the show started, the crowd was surprised to see Gabriel tayeh facing a new opponent on short notice. The reason behind that was misinterpreted on ArabsMMA play-by-play coverage when our reporter mistakenly mentioned that ” Mohamed Arti was the fighter that pulled out on short notice”. Yet a recent release from the head of Kuwait Jujitsu and Vale Tudo Academy (Kyokai), Sensei Ahmad Alhouli cleared things out saying:

Allah said: “You must make it clear to the people and not conceal it.” Some of the interpreters say it means to talk and work righteously.
After reading what has been said on the internet, as well as the injustice and unfairness that our Kuwaiti fighter Mohammad Mahmoud Arti went through in the latest event in Bahrain, as the fighter was requested to participate under 70 Kg division against the Brazilian fighter Gabriel Tayeh.

Our school decided to deal with matters more professionally this time;we honored our part of the contract regarding the weight. We were shocked that the opponent did not make weight. He was given some time to cut the excess weight but was unable to do so.

Such events give us the full right to refuse participating in the match. We were contacted by the DF organization to persuade us to participate. We kindly declined their requests and requested substitute fighter instead of Gabriel Tayeh. We were more shocked afterwards to know that the organizers selected a substitute fighter for Gabriel not Mohammad and to be declared over the website that our fighter Mohammad forfeited the fight is far from truth. We deeply regret being treated in this matter despite our kind and professional cooperation with all.

This statement clarifies the circumstances of what happened.

Is this how things are handled by the top MMA promotion in the Middle East ? Disrespecting a fighter’s legal decision and hard work in order to stay on schedule for there show? One thing is for sure, Gabriel Tayeh was above legal weight on the day of weigh ins and failed to cut that down! So who will take the blame for this ?

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  • I don’t understand though, if the mishap was reported incorrectly on arabsmma then why are they attacking desert force? And why is arabsmma quick to reach a conclusion and condemn desert force so strongly without looking at both sides of the coin?

  • From what I heard. Gabriel never made weight in any fight he had in dfc. That is so unprofessional. Dont know why dfc keep him if hes so unprofessional.

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