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Shahzadeh Streamrolls His Way Thru the Arabian Gulf Open Cup 2013

Arabian Gulf Open Cup Final 2013 – Yanal Ibrahim Shahzadeh (Jor) Vs Abdula Isaev (Rus)

Jordan is never short of Martial Arts talent. From Jordanian Mixed Martial Artists forging their legacies in regional promotions such as Desert Force, Dubai Fighting Championship, ADFC and Al Batal, to the plethora of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors leaving their mark in worldwide competitions.

Yanal Ibrahim Shahzadeh is one of those Jordanian BJJ practitioners steamrolling his way through the competition. His story begins in 2009 where he began training under Samy Al Jamal, a 4th degree black belt under Grand Master Fabricio Martins, a 7th degree coral belt. He also trains under Tarek Kalimat a 2nd degree American Jiu Jitsu black belt. He teaches at The Source MMA in Amman, Jordan.

He currently holds 13 medals from local and regional tournaments, his most recent being 2 silvers (No Gi – 92kgs, Gi –94kgs), 1 bronze (No Gi Absolute) and 1 gold (Gi Absolute) competing as a purple belt at the Arabian Gulf Open Cup 2013 held earlier this week in Abu Dhabi, UAE. .

His final fight for the gold in the Absolute division was awe inspiring. He defeated Abdula Isaev, a Russian Sambo black belt/Wrester that trains at Emirates Jiu-Jitsu Center/Team Nogueira, who won gold in the +100 category, by a close decision showcasing Shahzadeh’s heart prevailing above all..

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