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Shahzaib Rindh strikes Rana Singh “How was the slap?” ahead of Karate Combat 45

Karate Combat 45

We are fast approaching a monumental event in Karate Combat history with an India vs Pakistan 3 vs 3 event at Karate Combat 45; It was likely that tensions would be high amongst opposing rival countrymen.

Karate Combat 45

Shazaib Rindh and Rana Singh faced off earlier today and the meeting was intense, to say the least. Both competitors got into close proximity and Shahzaib ended up delivering a hard open-handed slap to add insult to injury, he would then post it on his Instagram account afterward with, “How was the slap? You are you going to die my boy, you messed with the wrong person. I am going to show you your place.”

This confrontation didn’t happen overnight, and in all honesty, was foreshadowed days leading into this fight. Shazaib sat with Ashley Terence of Calf Kick Sports earlier last week and he had a lot to say about his upcoming opponent.

“He doesn’t know about me, when I get to the Pit, I will kick his ass.” When pressed if there was any bad blood between him and Rana Singh, Shahzaib responded, “With Rana Singh, he talked bad about my country, I don’t talk about India, and I have a lot of support from India … I will humble him in the Pitt!”

There is a wider vision as to why this is such an important bout for him. Despite the historic tensions and sporting rivalries, notably in cricket, between the two nations, Rindh sees the event as an opportunity to promote peace.

“We have to represent (Pakistan)… But at the end of the day, it is a message for peace.” Emphasizing that the match could foster a statement of friendship between the historically adversarial nations.

As Karate Combat 45 approaches, it poses the question. Can this event mark the beginning of a closer relationship between India and Pakistan through the medium of sport? Only time will tell if this could indeed pave the way for peace. But, the next showdown is booked for April 20 at Karate Combat 45 hosted from Dubai.


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