Shareef Mohamed Set To Take On Russian Vladimir Fedin at EFC 19


These couple of years it’s been all about change for Egypt. The winds of change have blown onto the 19th Egyptian Fighting Championship. The Egyptian Shark, Shareef Mohamed will be taking the Russian, Vladimir Fedin on a tour about the Giza pyramids; the first time a Russian takes part in an Egyptian Main event. Will the winds be hard enough and help Shareef let Vladimir taste the Egyptian sandstorm, or will Vladimir break ice and make it rain in the desert?

Shareef Mohamed has had more fights last year than any other fighter. Shareef’s 2014 is as follows: out of 7 fights, he won 6, 5 of which are consecutive, 2 of which are in the same day! Shareef was riding a 5 win streak before losing to Ramazan Razmanov in his first international fight. Through a rear naked choke, he ended his year with a win at EFC 18 Egypt Vs Alladin Khatab. Shareef bagged the last 5 consecutive EFC events; he knows no rest, 7 fights in one year. He does it for the gains.

In the other corner, we have, Vladimir Fedin, representing Mamichev fight team . Ironically, this Russian middleweight had also fought 2 fights in the same day, earning 2 wins by TKO in the first round. M-1 Belarus.

This match up is surely a battle of middleweights, as both fighters tend to go for a finish and both have had some quick and brutal finishes to their record. Both fighters aiming to shut the lights quickly, will one succumb to the others prowess? Or will they use all the time they have to win? Let’s see if the Camel can walk in an icy desert!

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