Shogun Gym Affiliates With Tiger Muay Thai In Thailand

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Desert Force fighters Mohammad “The Killer” Ghorabi, winner of Al Academiya 1 and Mohammad “O Lutador” Karaki, the light heavyweight (93 KG) champion, have shared an intense training camp with Tiger Muay Thai team in Thailand in preparation for their showdown this December in KSA, with Ghorabi fighting against Aniss Hajjajy for the welterweight (77 KG) DF title and Karaki fighting against Sami Antar to protect his crest, in what will possibly be his last title defense and performance in the light heavyweight division.

This training camp was crowned by Shogun founder and general manager, Sami Kiblawi, who nodded to his fighters shape and performance. Very much liking what he saw, Master Sami Kiblawi and Will Elliot (Owner of Tiger Muay Thai, Thailand) went into a discussion which resulted in an official affiliation of Shogun gym with Tiger Muay Thai. The main perk of the collaboration is to hold training camps, where fighters of both gyms will gain valuable experience from attending training.

Tiger Muay-Thai gym is renowned for having fighters from different nationalities, the likes of Roger Huerta, Brian Ebersole, and Tarek Suleiman who are just a sample of the talent present at Tiger Muay Thai’s disposal. With this move, Shogun Gym have now proved that they have all the intentions of dominating mixed martial arts in the Arab region, as well as expanding internationally.

We applaud Shogun gym. Keep up the good work!

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