Should The UFC Cut Lahat For His Aggressive Statements of War?

In an interview with CNN, UFC fighter Noad Lahat expressed his readiness to join the Israeli Defense Forces

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In an interview with CNN, UFC fighter Noad Lahat expressed his readiness to join the Israeli Defense Forces again to support it in its continued clash with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Claiming that he does not enjoy being in the military uniform, Lahat stated that he is doing this for the sake of his people and family, accusing the Palestinian side to be the assailant. Ironically, Lahadt dedicated his win over Siler to peace, not war, as he added that he is not pressured by the Israeli state to rejoin the army, but he has no other choice on the personal aspect.

When asked about the innocent dying in Gaza during this assault, Lahat compared that to Hiroshima and Berlin during the Second World War, where casualties had to happen, claiming that Hamas are using civilians as human shields and the IDF is being “precise” in its targeting. It is worth noting that Lahat served three-and-a-half years in the Israeli army, while both of his parents were former generals. His older brother and sister have both served as well, and his younger brother is preparing to serve.

“If he, in any way, shape, or form is involved in racist groups, Neo-Nazi groups, or anything negative like that, he’ll be cut.”

Dana White said before Benjamin Brinsa got axed because of his Neo Nazi sympathies. That all happened despite the fact that Brinsa denied those allegations by saying that at no time in his life has he ever made any xenophobic, anti-Semitic or racist statements, either in public or in private. On the other hand, Lahat publicly stated his readiness to fight Palestinians on more than one TV channel, and yet has defended his stance on these statements.

No matter which side he is on, White made a clear statement earlier that negative racist statements cannot be tolerated by the UFC. It is not acceptable to pollute the sport with ideologies of war and criminal acts as this is not what the code of sports ought to be. It is everybody’s right to carry a sense of nationalism but coming up with a such statement publicly live on TV is strongly refused as it generates negative impressions and a lack of compassion towards the others. Such statements could create sensitivities and controversial thoughts concerning the sport and its stakeholders.

Should Lahat be axed or at least sanctioned for his aggressive statements of war? Until then, let’s wait and see what Mr. White has to say about this.

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