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Slim Trabelsi won the ARES FC heavyweight title

Slim Trabelsi became the new ARES FC heavyweight champion. The Tunisian fighter disposed of Azamat Nftillaev in the second round. 

Trabelsi entered a cage with an unblemished 4 – 0 record. He stacked it up on the Benelux MMA competition circuit. He made his ARES FC debut back at ARES FC 7. He was awarded a victory over Luis Henrique after three rounds of fighting. 

Nutfillaev has much more experience in a fighting game. He put his unbeaten status as he sported a 12 – 0 – 1 record. A central Asia MMA circuit veteran fought for a variety of promotions based in the region. This was  ‘Dragon’s’ debut in Europe and also in ARES FC. 

Round 1 

In the beginning Nutfillaev threat his opponent with a submission attempt. However, Trabelsi was able to turn the tables and attempted submission of his own. 

Round 2

The Tunisian managed to dictate the paste from the opening bell. He hit Nutfillaev with some shots. ‘Dragon’ wasn’t able to fight back which in hindsight led to his defeat. In the closing moments of the fight, Trabelsi took his opponent to the ground. Next, he showered him with a barrage of hammer fists, forcing the referee to step in. The official time of the stoppage was 3:56 of Round 2.  

As a result, the Tunisian fighter won not only this bout but also ARES FC heavyweight belt. 

In his in-ring interview, Trabelsi stated that he was happy with his performance and with beating the undefeated opponent. He acknowledged the fact, that fight could end with Nutfillaev submitting him in an opening stage. Fortunately for him, he was able to escape it and that’s when he realized that his opponent is tired. This was the opening that he was looking for. After that, he started to dominate the fight.  

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