So Who Said Bantamweights Are not Exciting?!

So who still thinks Bantamweights are not exciting?

Desert Force hit Bahrain by storm last Friday (March 07, 2014) at Khalifa Sports City Arena with 9 super exciting fights one of which featured the first Arab Bantamweights to battle it out in the cage.

Bantamweights are known for being scrappy fighters who get right down to business and Hussein Ayad and Ahmad Beyouk are perfect examples.

And in truth it couldn’t have been a better start for this division.

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A highlight reel knockout in the second fight of the night featured 2 Desert Force debutants going at it form the start. After being rocked in the opening seconds, Ahmad Beyouk managed to regain composure and finish the fight with the KO of the night, a full on spinning back-fist that sent Ayad’s face first to the ground! And don’t forget the harsh slam Beyouk delivered after picking his opponent up and walking across the cage all the way to Ashraf Shishani’s (Shishank Submission System) corner were he slammed him with authority! So who still thinks Bantamweights lack the power to finish fights ?

While depth of talent is ultimately what matters most in a weight class, a heated divisional title race is crucial to keeping fighters motivated and generating fan interest. With the bantamweight division being one of the more recent additions to the Desert Force roster and fans being slow to grab on, the 135-pound collection needs all the excitement they can bring to the table.

Two fighters come to mind, Nawras Abzakh and Wael Korked who fight under the Cage Warriors banner as amateurs! Abzakh is a mean grappler that will pin you and pound you or yet better put you to sleep. Korked will find a way to show his opponent who is boss with his super explosiveness backed with his inevitable will to win.

Personally, I think this division can easily boom if those two fighters join the Desert Force train and compete on a professional level with the best fighters in the MENA region. This should be Desert Force officials goal in the next couple of months, because I can’t wait to see Beyouk back in the cage with his friendly face that turns bonkers without warning!

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