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Tahar Hadbi to Fakhreddine: “I Provoked You and It Worked”

After managing to drag Mohammad Fakhreddine into this war of words, here is Tahar Hadbi firing back again!
This main card welterweight battle opens up the Brave 9 “The Kingdon Of Champions” fight card and you tell us how you think this will end!

Tahar Hadbi:

“It’s not my fault if you miss your weight, if you miss your fight. I provoked you and it worked. In November I will be ready for you. I will come to Bahrain just for you, and I will kill you. You be ready. Just go train and don’t talk sh!t”

Now put the entertainment aspect on the side, the ultimate goal of a trash talker is to get in their opponent’s head and get him mad at them, so that he loses his composure during the fight and makes mistakes.

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Properly executed trash talk will make a fighter so mad at his opponent that all he can think about is how much he hates the guy and not enough about what he needs to do on a technical level.

Now for what’s important: Who will back up his talk on November 17th? Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions hides the answer!


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