Tareq Hamdi, The New Desert Force Lightweight Champion

Amman, Jordan – The look on Haider Rasheeds’ face as Tareq Hamdi locked on a rear naked choke suggested that he didn’t know how he was going to get out of this one.


Amman, Jordan – The look on Haider Rasheed’s face as Tareq Hamdi locked on a rear naked choke suggested that he had no clue how he was going to get out of this one.

Turns out he couldn’t, the next stop was the Champ tapping, resulting in a submission win for Hamdi at 1.55 minutes of Round 2.

This lightweight title bout took place at Desert Force 12 event at King Hussein Sports Arena. It aired as the Main event on MBC action.

This was the first time Desert Force Lightweight title was put on the line and there came the Black Horse Tareq hamdi to strip it off from Racheed. After multiple choke attempts in the first round, Haider Rasheed failed to finish Hamdi yet scored an easy 10-9. As the second round started, it was obvious that The Champ was gazed out with no fight left in him.

Hamdi was fresh and sensed this weakness which was hard to ignore. The champ went for a takedown which put him in a bad mount position. With Hamdi being able to capitalize on the ground and pound, Haider turns his back and there goes the neck! RNC from the underdog earns him the Desert Force Title Shield!

There you go gentlemen, Tareq Hamdi the new Desert Force lightweight Champion wins with style and against all odds!

A happy moment for Hamdi’s fans, and a sad for Rasheed’s as he mentions in his post fight interview with Arifa Bseiso that this will be his final MMA fight. Nothing is yet official as this is not a personal decision when you are under contract, but let’s wait and see.

Desert Force 12 Full Results Include:


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  • Dear Admin and Arabs MMA Staff

    you guys are doing a fantastic job with the news and updates, but would be possible to update the fighter profile tab.

    and would it be possible to make a top 10 pound per pound fighter in the different weight classes at least for desert force, it will make things alot more interesting. just to see where our favorite fighters stand, maybe top 10 is to much now, but i think a top 5 is manageable

    Don’t you think ?

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