Tarek Suleiman and Christofer Silva Settle Unfinished Business in Desert Force 18

Just when we thought that Suleiman secured the win, the commission jumps in to announce a non contest decision

MBC Action- Desert Force Finale Live Event In Abu Dhabi-Tarek Suleiman VS. Christopher Silva

The most anticipated Desert Force event to date, Desert Force 18 in Lebanon will witness Tarek Suleiman and Christofer Silva square off in the promotion’s first ever rematch!

Desert Force 18 takes place on Monday August 17, 2015 at the Sagesse Stadium in Ghazir. The fight will be aired LIVE on MBC Action.

Silva and Suleiman first met on the Desert Force 15 live card. Both did everything they can to finish each other at every moment in the fight. In round two, Silva shot and took Suleiman down, but the latter started landing controversial elbows that ended the bout by TKO. Silva and his team were evidently not happy about the stoppage and were quick to ask for a rematch.

When everyone thought that Suleiman secured the win, the commission jumps in the following week to announce a no contest decision for the match after the appeal from Silva’s team. .

Two Desert Force events have gone by and now the rematch is already set to happen in Beirut on the 17th of August, as there is an unfinished business between the two grappling based fighters.

In a recent interview with ArabsMMA, Sulaiman mentioned:

Christofer Silva! Man up, and let’s make the fight happen.

Silva had showed a will for this rematch since the last fight.

We expect a good entertaining match between the two, for this would end all speculations about the previous match and settle the score.

Will Tarek have a record of wins and losses on par? Or will Silva suffer his first loss? We shall wait and see on the upcoming DFC event.

ArabsMMA will be your source for all on Desert Force 18, stay tuned for more.

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