Tarek Suleiman,Khalid Walid set for DesertForce this June

One of the best and highest level grappling match-ups there has been in Desert Force over the past years

While several of the bouts were already announced and others had been rumored , Desert Force Finals fight card will feature what promises to be a grueling matchup between Tarek Suleiman and Khalid Walid.

The question in this match-up is, seeing Suleiman as a legit wrestler and has good jits, is Walid skilled enough in BJJ to be better than both of those things put together?


Khalid Walid , who previously fought as LHW dominated his opponents winning both fights by TKO. But that was more than a year ago, since then Walid competed in the Abudhabi World Pro as a brown belt and earned a silver medal with style.

Khalid uses his Jiujitsu to control his opponents on the ground and finish them in a ground and pound fashion. Unlike sulaiman, both of Walid’s previous opp. were 1 dimensional and crippled on the ground. We will now see how he fares against a wrestler with athleticism and intense Ground N Pound.

Tarek is coming off a heartbreaking KO loss in his previous fight in which he showed aggressive grappling in the opening minutes , but again , Anybody can get knocked out and fall a few pegs down the ladder.

Suleiman is no joke, Wresling National Champion , Sambo West Asian champion , both titles in one year and a natural born physically tough athlete.He will surely look to pin Khalid to the ground and feed him enough elbows to get this win.

However, if Sulaiman comes up short in his DesertForce bout against Walid , the Syrian will slip into a two-fight losing streak, and far out of the title picture.

A lot agree that pure BJJ can beat pure wrestling but fighters these days are so much more well rounded that all the wrestlers have to learn BJJ to avoid being submitted and the same to the jiu jitsui guys that lack the force to grapple with a wrestler.

I’m really excited for this fight, one of the best and highest level grappling match-ups there has been in Desert Force over the past years.

Expect a possible Fight of the Night!

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