Tarek Suleiman Announces Dropping To Welterweight

Whether it's due to a perceived lack of competition, or a need for career alteration, a few fighters inevitably look to a new weight class as the next stage of their career.

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Whether it is due to a perceived lack of competition or to need for change, a few fighters inevitably look to a new weight class as a succeeding stage of their career. We have lately witnessed a rash of moves with fighters such as Mohamed Karaki, Mohammed Fakhreddine, and now Tarek Suleiman.

After going 3-2 as a middleweight Tarek “Aslan” Suleiman has recently announced to ArabsMMA that he will be dropping to welterweight .

Personally, I can’t wait to see him perform as a welterweight! All this power into a more compact fighter. Mashallah what a man machine.

Tarek Suleiman:

“During my camps we noticed that my weight is dropping easily due to the hard training and the weather in Thailand. We ran some tests on my body and I was performing in a higher speed and strength. This decision came after we noticed that most of middleweight fighters were way bigger than me in size such as my last two opponent Salama and Sarsar. Needless to say, carrying less body weight increased my cardio and conditioning status.

I have a specialist out here in Thailand taking care of my diet and weight. Cut Sandor from Muscle Bar is planning all my meals and I’m having actually too much food.”

With most fighters having trouble cutting weight, Suleiman on the contrary and with the professional support has learned the hard way about the science behind weight cuts and executes it thoroughly.

“Weight cut is not a problem for me as it is for other fighters, you can notice from my training videos that I’m being more explosive and putting more speed in my movement which means lower weight class is helping me perform better. Weltwerweight division will be my new home and I will grind my way to the title, wait and see.”

That’s everything that’s in the air for now, at least concerning weight classes. We’ll be sure to keep you posted if and when any new announcements arise.

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