Syria’s Tarek Suleiman open to fight Mohammad Karaki

Throwing down on the Phoenix Fighting Championship 4 fight card is the Syrian mixed martial arts veteran Tarek Suleiman, who will be taking on the Egyptian monster Ibrahim El Sawi in a highly anticipated middleweight match-up that has arguably been years in the making.

In a “live” broadcast aimed at discussing his upcoming preparations and bout against El Sawi, Suleiman dropped a very intriguing comment about being open to a potential fight against the undefeated double division Desert Force champion, Mohammad “O Lutador” Karaki, based on a lot of his (Suleiman’s) fans requests.

Answering a fan questions Suleiman said:

” If Karaki is next and he takes the fight, and the money is right, why not. I always mentioned that if the paycheck is good, am in.”

“Ill fight anyone. I’m open to fight Karaki or anyone for that matter. If you guys, the fans, want this to happen, post it one social media, share it with Phoenix Fighting Championship and get more than 100 comments asking for it. Then, the fight will happen.”

Suleiman admittedly was a little bit surprised that he was getting this request so many fans, but left all the doors open for this potential future battle, which is no doubt an even bigger draw than his current fight against El Sawi. That being said, Suleiman still has to take down a giant in Ibrahim El Sawi, the former Desert Force middleweight champion who devastatingly KOed his way to the title before being dethroned by Mohammad Karaki after a hard fought 3 rounder.

Dubai World Trade Center will hold one of the largest mixed martial events this year, with multiple interesting fights that include a headlining welterweight battle between Mounir Lazzaz vs. Christophe Van Dijck, as well as a bout for the light-heavyweight championship pitting Moise Rimbon against Pavel Dorofeti. Tune in on the 22nd of December and don’t miss Phoenix FC 4.

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