Desert Force “Vs The World” Recap: Tarek Suleiman vs. Abdullah Medjedoub


Suleiman had won his last fight in impressive fashion against Sarsar and demonstrated just how far his wrestling skills had come in that match. Against Medjedoub, he would face an altogether different beast and was arguably in the eyes of many the underdog going into this fight against the TriStar brawler.

Medjedoub came out looking lighter on his feet and caught a kick that Suleiman threw to claim the first take down. Suleiman quickly worked his way back up though and had Abdel against the cage which Medjedoub quickly reversed. Suleiman defended another takedown attempt and Yves Lavigne proceeded to return the fighters to the center of the age. Both fighters demonstrated their striking and kicking techniques with Medjedoub repeatedly throwing a dangerous right front kick. Medjedoub’s footwork was very impressive as he repeatedly faked kicks, and moved his hips in a way to keep Suleiman guessing. Suleiman appeared to twitch his knee midstrike and dropped to the ground and seemed to injure his right knee 2 minutes into the first! Medjedoub used his position to throw strikes to downed opponent but both fighters quickly worked their way back up. Suleiman’s movement was visibly impaired as a result of his injury yet managed to keep his head in the game and finish the first round.

Tarek came out in the 2nd round and walked gingerly on the ball of his right foot, not able to put any weight on the heel. Medjedoub came out and stuck to his game plan of throwing punches and kicks and feints. He took Tarek to the ground and looked to set up strikes but Tarek threw several up-kicks to keep the Algerian at bay! It wouldn’t be for long though as Medjedoub gained side control and then tried to work in a guillotine that didn’t fully sink in. They both stood back in the center of the Octagon and when it became apparent that Suleiman was hopping on one leg and couldn’t move Yves Lavigne called an end to the proceedings.

Tarek showed heart and perseverance in this fight yet Abdullah Medjedoub sent a clear message that he is here to stay!

Desert Force “Vs the World” Recaps

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