Tarek Suleiman Vs Mahmoud Salama Slated for Desert Force 13

More about Desert Force 13 is being revealed as we approach August 25


More about Desert Force 13 is being revealed as we approach August 25. Starting with Abdallah Abou Hamdan Vs. Ibrahim el Sawy who will most probably headline the event to a handful of exiting names taking part of this card next month. But the moment you think it’s time for some undercard fights to pop-up, whispers of some exciting names that we haven’t we seen in a while tend to be heard!

Mahmoud Salama and Tarek Suleiman ??!?

Now, imagine we take these two middle weights and place them in a cage fight against each other.
Sounds like a good idea? Well, it’s most probably going to happen!

Mahmoud Salama, though with no wins inside Desert Force, has provided both of his opponents, Hashem Arkhagha and Abdullah Abou Hamdan, some of the toughest fights of their careers. Nicknamed “Steel Man”, the name Mahmoud Salama has become a synonym for “Tough” in Desert Force. Also, it is equally important to mention that Salama has some of the firmest hands in Desert Force and loves finishing his fights as quickly as possible.

Tarek Suleiman is one of the most talented guys in the Desert Force middle weight division no doubt. He is very well rounded, has an impressive work ethic and makes wrestling look like eye candy to the spectators. Just an interesting way of saying: “He has excellent wrestling. Though his time in Tiger Muay Thai Thailand didn’t pay off in his last performance against Abdel Medjedoub (who trains at Tristar Gym Canada) due to a knee injury, Suleiman was maintained in the first round and was able to show clear signs of improvement and a better understanding of the mixed martial arts stand up game.

Both these guys are bouncing off of losses in their last fights. I’m really hoping this how fight goes from being a mere rumor to actually taking place, because these two are currently a perfect Match up for each other!

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  • Unfortunately, one of these guys will be losing his 3rd match in a row .. and that’s really bad for his ranking

  • No youssef it is Salam in case if losing will be his 3rd loss in a row bcoz Tarek won his fight against sarsar before loosing by knee injury with adel majdoub …

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