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Tareq Hamdi: Abdulahad Gari Will Be Shocked In Many Ways

The Desert Force lightweight champion Tareq Hamdi will be defending his title for the first time at Desert Force 16.


The Desert Force lightweight champion Tareq Hamdi will be defending his title for the first time at Desert Force 16 taking place in the Green Halls Stadium, Riyadh – KSA.

Having met with the champ on previous occasions, Hamdi always seemed very comfortable talking about his upcoming opponent and things haven’t changed with the challenger Abdulahad Gari.Yet, the Champ made sure to mention that he expected a different fighter to face him in his first defense.

“Be it Yahya, Gari, or Triki, I personally don’t care. But truth be told, Triki was the first lightweight to win 3 fights against worthy opponents, and I think he deserves this shot.”

It is worth mentioning that not only he was the Moroccan the first to win three fights in a row, Triki’s opponents were more experienced and held at least a 4 fight record. He had his debut with against a more experienced Ahmed Albossairy, moved to defeat Mahmoud Hassan and added his third win against Saba.

That being said, it is now official and the fight is set to take place in 17 days. Hamdi who dethroned Haider Rachid earning the Desert Force shield will now face possibly the toughest lightweight in the division and will look to defend his title on Saudi Arabian ground.

Gari showed his well rounded game on multiple occasions submitting 2 of his last 3 opponents, which was pretty surprising for a Muay Thai practitioner with a kickboxing black belt. Still, that doesn’t seem to trouble the champ. After all, you know what they say, a champion is not a champion until he defends his title.

“I don’t believe I am better than any other fighter, I just handle the situations differently. Capitalizing on their weak point and beating them in their own game, that’s what I like to do. Gari is no different, and he will be shocked in more than one way.”

Getting ready for this fight, Hamdi has been refining his striking with the infamous Captain Issa Abu Nassar. Abu Nassar is the national kick boxing and Muaythai trainer in Jordan, previously spotted in Abdulkareem Selwady’s corner. The champ also visits Team Al Taamari on occasionally for additional support.

“I am currently training with Captain Issa, and also with Team Al Taamari with the likes of Jarrah Al Selawe, Jalal Al Da’Jaa and some of the toughest fighters in Jordan. I will also be heading to Thailand for a final retouch.”

Seems like the champ is in good hands. Desert Force 16 will witness 2 title fights, Gari Vs Hamdi and Ghorabi Vs Lazzez.

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