Views on Hamdi The Lightweight Al Academiya title Holder


Controversy has marred the Desert Force Al Academiya Lightweight Title fight between the local Jordanian Tareq Hamdi Vs Elie El Rayyis.

El Rayyis dominated the whole fight, even after receiving an illegal headbutt in the first round. His concentration seemed to have faltered after receiving another illegal move, this time, a bite, from his Jordanian opponent. Hamde jumped at the opportunity and secured an unexpeted armbar to make history in Amman, Jordan! So what do you think should have happened?


Hamde’s behavior unacceptable and alot of MMA critics wanted this fight to end by way of Disqualification. This is not the kind of image that we want the world to associate with the sport. That being said, who better than the referee, Yves Lavigne, to decide whether or not this is acceptable and tolerable behavior.

Hamde Submits El Rayyis

Putting Hamde’s behavior aside and focusing on his will to win… Two points were removed for his illegal headbutt and bite. He knew he had to finish El Rayyis and not leave his fate up to the judges decision and he did just that. He slapped on an unexpected armbar and was crowned the Al Academiya title in front of his home crowd.

Did the referee make the wrong decision?

Yves Lavigne, a world class referee with an exceptional track record, is no stranger to the Octagon. Why didn’t he DQ Hamdi? Did Hamde not bite hard enough? Well according to the Holy book of MMA rules, if the referee did not see the bite as it happens , only one point is deducted. Yet, if the referee actually saw the act, he would have directly disqualified Hamdi. So no, Yves called it as he saw it!

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