Team Narmouq’s Nawras Abzakh Calls out GFC Champion Mohamed Ali

Fighting out of the famous Team Narmouq, Jordanian bantamweight Nawras Abzakh (1-0) challenges Mohamed Ali, the current GFC-Gladiator Fighting Championship Bantamweight Champion! Abzakh claims that he is the best in his weight class and is ready to face Ali at the next GFC 4 event this October. Little does he know though , The Champ will be facing Phuket Top Team’s own Aden Baron!

Nawras commented on ArabsMMA interview with Mohamed Ali :

I know that I’m unbeatable at 57-kg in MMA. I want to prove to all the Middle Eastern MMA community that I am the best and I can back up what I am saying. Face me Mohammad Ali and let’s put on a good show at the GFC 4 on 25/10/2013. The belt will be mine , where it belongs in Jordan.

Yet, the Bantamweight division is a thin one and someone like Nawras is surely an added value! Nawras made his first MMA appearance at the Beirut Elite Fighting Championship in Beirut, Lebanon on Saturday December 15th were he completely dominated his opponent submitting him early in the first round!Two more performances like his previous one will earn him a shot no doubt!

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