Team Shogun Family Welcomes Baby Ivan Yerevanian


Welcome To Our World Ivan Chahe Yerevanian!

Ever so often new fighters are welcomed into the world of fighting. Usually they come with at least a bit of experience or a history of badass life lived. But sometimes, they enter pure and inexperienced with nothing but love. It is these ones that tend to steal the hearts of crowds, fighters, managers, and all those that have the chance to see stare into their eyes 🙂 We speak of the babies born to parents within the fighting world.

Today, 10/27/2015 a new fighter was welcomed into the world, the world of fighting and straight into the Team Shogun Family. Congratulations to Chahé Yerevanian and his beautiful wife Gretta for giving birth to a gorgeous new little one! Team Shogun are proud and happy to have this new addition. Like his dad, he is already a supporter and will undoubtedly grow into a warrior. Ivan Chahe Yerevanian, we wish you a wonderful first year and look forward to seeing you grow into a handsome and talented young fighter! Hamdellah Al Salemeh

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