Team Shogun’s Amateurs to Clash with Jordanians at JAC5

Team Shogun - JAC 5


Jordan Amateur Championship (JAC) kicks off this Friday with a special fight card in Amman.

The tournament has established itself as a major promotion for amateur fighters aspiring to go pro, and as a special attraction for mixed martial arts fans.

In its 5th installment JAC promises to deliver an exciting showcase of regional talent, when Lebanese fighters join their Jordanian counterparts in MMA and K-1 bouts. The Lebanese participation is the culmination of the collaboration between JAC and Lebanon’s Team Shogun.

Louai Kiblawi, Team Shogun manager, righteously believes the more fighters compete on an amateur level, the better they would be once they turn professional.

“It’s not about winning and losing, it’s about personal and physical development”, he says.

Yet, winning is certainly what the fighters competing at JAC will be after. The tournament promises these would-be pros to make their professional transition to a higher by competing later under the Desert Force umbrella if they score 3 wins under JAC banner.

Team Shogun is represented by 6 fighters, 3 MMA practitioners and 3 kickboxers.

These young amateurs had the chance to benefit from the support of Sayfco Holding which took care of their expenses. Sayfco’s CEO, Chahe Yerevanian, is not only offering his financial support, but he will also be traveling to Jordan to follow up on the fighters and cheer for them as they step into the cage.

“Mr. Yerevanian took care of everything from A to Z.. Such loyalty cannot be found easily”, says Louai Kiblawi.

Not only these fighters will have once again to prove the reputation their team holds as one of the best in the region is highly deserved, but also look for bringing victory to their country against its strongest rival in another Lebanese Jordanian face-off.

The intensity of the rivalry between the fighters of the two countries is certainly most welcome by the Jordanian crowd, eager to watch a feast of the best amateur fighting the region can offer.

Stay tuned for JAC 5 fight card updates on this link.

Meanwhile, relive all the action from JAC’s previous event on this link.

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