Thabet Agha & Hamzeh Naxush MMA Training

Thabet Agha And Hamzeh Naxush are the new ultimate training partners!For Thabet it is the chance to train in an environment away from business interests and closer to a caring and friendly entourage.

On the other hand , Hamzeh also benefits from that same healthy training environent where Head Coach Ashraf Shishani and Yazan Ghattas are present to test your limits and take you as …

That being said , Hamzeh also has the privilege of training with the First “Al Batal” Champion , Thabet Agha , one of the most talented MMA fighter’s in the Middle East.

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  • الى البطل الشركسي حمزة نفش انت الافضل وسوف تظل الافضل مهما حدث

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