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In the world of mixed martial arts, there is always hushed talk of fighters who are getting a little additional strength from the end of a needle.

With everyone from reigning champions to undercard fighters being accused of banned substances these days, it is clearly time for something to change.

Given the fact this this issue has been under the radar especially in Jordan’s own promotion Desert Force , the Jordanian MMA Federation better get to work and back up the testing issue at the earliest!

It has been stated that drug tests were performed on some of the fighters in Desert Force, and they tested negative yet, no names were revealed as this was a new issue introduced and fighters were not aware of the circumstances.

One of the tested fighters is the current Welterweight champion Anis Al Hajjajy who came out clean of course given the fact that he still owns the Shield. And the reason for this mention is his latest Facebook status after Desert Force 12.

The latest installment of Desert Force Championship took place on April 28 at King Hussein Sports Arena in Amman, Jordan. The event’s main card aired live on MBC action following exciting prelim bouts.

It was Desert Force’s 12th event overall and its 2nd this year. The card featured a lightweight title fight in the main event between former champion Haider Rasheed and the newly crowned champion Tareq Hamdi.

In the co-main event, Bechir Majri returned to Desert Force after 13 months to face the mean machine Mohammad Ghorabi. Ghorabi dominated Majri in all aspects of the fight proving again that he is worthy of a title shot.

Well, here’s the part where each person’s opinion plays a role! Directly after that fight night, the current Welterweight champion Anis Al hajjajy posted on his Facebook a status related to testosterone use, saying something like “Now it’s obvious who is on testosterone”, I am not sure what the exact quote was, but the message was clear.

Obviously, he was referring to Mohamad Ghorabi or maybe someone else also. The question is, will Hajjajy ask for testing before the title defense? And if he does, will Zaid Mirza actually take this into consideration?

In my opinion, Ghorabi packed a special physique and power when he faced Elsawi, yet after dropping to 77, seems to me that everything is almost normal! Little do I know about this subject, but what do you guys think?

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  • every fighter HAVE to be tested. Whether its Ghorabi Hashem Arkhagha or my Grandma EVERYONE has to be tested.

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