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The Ondash brothers victorious at ONE Friday Fights 49

The Ondash brothers made their presence felt at yesterday’s ONE Friday Fights 49. Ramadan and Abdallah scored impressive wins after delivering powerful body shots to their respected opponents.  

Ramadan Ondash vs. Yangdam

In a Catchweight affair, the younger Ondash brother took on Yangdam. The Thai fighter was the one to push the pace at the very beginning of the fight, but Ramadan countered with his strikes. Finally, he threw a left hook to the Yangdam’s liver. This was enough to send him to the ground after a few seconds when the effects of the punch kicked in. The referee’s 10 count was just a formality in that case. The fight ended just after 44 seconds. Ramadan Ondash was very impressive in his ONE debut.  


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“The Scorpion” sports a pro record of  9-2 (4 KO) and an amateur balance of 60-5 (8 KO). This bout served as his second showing to the wider audience. In June of last year, he lost to Toma Kuroda at K-1 World GP 2023 ~1st Middleweight Championship Tournament~.

Abdallah Ondash vs.Parnpet Sanfannatawee

The elder of the Ondash brothers also faced off against the local fighter, Parnpet. The fight started with cautious, single-strike exchanges with Parnpet throwing a head kick. However, Abdallah avoided it with ease. After some more single-strike exchanges Ondash catched Parnpet’s leg after he threw a middle kick. Both fighters started to fight within a clinch. After they’ve been separated by the referee Ondash rushed in on his opponent and delivered a powerful underhook to his opponent’s liver. Then he followed it with a throw to the ground from the clinch. As was the case with his younger brother’s fight, the referee count was just a formality. The fight ended after one minute and eleven seconds of action. 


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Abdallah Ondash is currently unbeaten in ONE and rides a three-fight winning streak. This was his second win over Parnpet and he also won against Palangboon Wor.Sangtai.

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