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The Real Reason Behind Tarek Suleiman’s Knee Injury

During an interview with the fighter, Tarek clearly explained what actually happened during that fight.

Rumors have been spread concerning Tarek Suleiman‘s injury in his fight vs Abdallah Medjedoub by implying that the reason behind it was a hard or inappropriate conditioning program, or a previous knee injury or even getting kicked repeatedly on his knee by his opponent.

During an interview with the fighter, Tarek clearly explained what actually happened during that fight:

When he picked me up to apply a takedown, I defended, landed on the leg. The knee was twisted inside.

If we watch the replay of that fight, we can see what Tarek was talking about at minute 1.18 from the first round:

Suleiman got diagnosed, only after returning to Lebanon, with a torn ACL and a partially torn meniscus in the right knee causing muscle weakness and a limited range of motion, that will require surgery and a long rehab.

But his Doctors and medical team aren’t worried about the results. They say that Tarek is a strong fighter. His will and amazing perseverance will get him back in shape and into the cage, faster and stronger than ever.

The fighter is currently undergoing rehab at AUB consisting on cardio, muscle strengthening, core stability and mobility improvement exercises.

The surgery date is set to be sometime this November 2013.

Tarek will then start rehab in Lebanon from mid November till mid of December and resume it in Thailand.

We wish him good luck and a fast recovery.

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Carla Antoun is a physical therapist (PT) specialized in sports injuries and rehabilitation. She is experienced in working on the field with first division basketball teams in lebanon, the Rugby Union Federation and MMA fighters. Currently, being one of the official physiotherapists in the ” Advanced Sports Center” sponsoring shogun team lebanon. Carla met Tarek Suleiman and his medical team at AUB Training Center and came back with this report.

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