Top 10 Pound for Pound Lebanese Pro MMA Fighters’ Ranking [UPDATED]

March 2015 Top 10 Pound for Pound Lebanese Pro MMA Fighters' Ranking


ArabsMMA ranks the best pound for pound MMA fighters in Desert Force. The top 10 for Lebanon in 2015 are presented below in true order. The rankings are based on record and results, which is the most objective criterion and takes precedence over all others. How a fighter performs in a victory or defeat can be a factor to determine his place in the ratings, and a fighter’s accomplishments in the recent past can be a factor to determine his place in the ratings. That includes quality of opposition.

Update (June 2015): After Desert Force 17,Mohammad Fakhreddine advances to number 2 after getting back on the winning track and finishing Amr Wahman in the first round. Rami Hamed advances to number 7 following a first round knockout victory for the second consecutive time in Desert Force.

Update (September 2015): Desert Force 18 hit Lebanon on the 17th of August with a truly Lebanese fight card. The event saw Hamed’s third consecutive win in the promotion, forcing himself on the division. The “Wrecking Machine” Rami Hamed climbs up the rankings from 7th to 4th after battering Soufiane Oudina and putting himself in a well-earned title contention state.

1- Mohammad Karaki

(5-0), Team Shogun

2- Mohammad Fakhreddine

(6-1), Knockout Academy

3- Mohamad Ghorabi

(4-2), Team Shogun

4- Rami Hamed

(3-0), Team Shogun

5- Georges Eid

(3-2), Tristar Gym Lebanon

6- Marc Tanios

(3-0), Tristar Gym Lebanon

7- Abdallah Abou Hamdan

(9-4), Sure grip Vale Tudo

8- Georges Bardawil

(2-0), Tristar Gym Lebanon

9- Hani Chehimi

(2-0), Team Shogun

10- Michael Aoun

(1-0), Tiger Muay Thai Lebanon

Stay tuned for updates in 2015 rankings!

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  • Finaly a top 10 list,
    for me i would rank Marc Tanios as 4 and Abdallah Abou Hamdan as 5
    then Georges Eid as 6.

    I like George as a fighter but i dont know why you guys ranked him high, he is very inconsistent compered to Mark who is on a 3 fight win streak and Abou Hamdan who lost a title fight to a guy who missed weight and was at 15 kgs over weight but prior to that he was on a tare.

  • I Think Rami Hamed , is gonna be the next big thing , keep your eyes on this kid.. he is great fighter mashallah

  • Abdallah Abou Hamdan is a good fighter and he should be on better number in this list. Team Shogun players have dominated the list of mma fighters, ghorabi is an excellent fighter from all.

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