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What’s up fight fans! Can you believe it?! 2013 is almost over! Yup, time to take stock of those New Year’s resolutions you had come up with 337 days on January 1st and see how well you’ve done (I must admit, I missed mine by a landslide!)

2013 was also a pivotal year for MMA fans in the region. We witnessed a number of shows in Dubai, Amman, Kuwait, Iraq, Beirut , Cairo and other cities that help to illustrate to skeptics that MMA is here to stay. There were a number of epic fights, bone crushing punches traded and submissions attempted since January 1st.

To help put the year in perspective, we are proud to announce the launch of what will become the yearly ArabsMMA awards! The team here will put their heads together and review all the MMA fights, promotions and debuts across the Middle East and will announce winners in the following categories.

  • Best KO of the year
  • Best Submission of the year
  • Best Fight of the year
  • Best Debut of the year
  • Sports Personality of the year award

Without further ado, lets take a look at some of the best knockouts of this year. (Click on ‘Next Page’)



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