ArabsMMA Top 5 Knockouts of 2013

4. Mohammad Ghorabi vs Ibrahim el Sawi
I remember this one vividly. I was lucky enough to be sitting right next to the cage and had previously wrote an article with my predictions on this fight card and had put down El Sawi as my favorite for this fight. He had just come off an extremely close lose to Hashem Arkhagha for the Middle Weight title and had previously beaten Ben Hassine and Abu Naim in impressive fashion, demonstrating his striking power along the way.

Mohammad Ghorabi was a relative new comer to the pro MMA fights and was coming off a loss at Beirut Elite Fighting Championship where he was disqualified for an illegal strike (despite dominating the match). One thing was for certain, both preferred to strike and both wanted to put on a good show.

The round opened with both fighters looking for their range. The Egyptian was the less mobile of the two and looked t be biding his time before deliver strikes. He also had the reach advantage so could bide his time and pick his shots from afar. At one point, both fighters stepped in and traded strikes and Ghorabi threw an overhand right connected to the cranium of el Sawi sending him right to sleep! Sitting cageside I thought I saw something fly up in the air that resembled something familiar… a tooth!

Not only did Ghorabi inflict a KO with a devastating overhand, he also ensured that El Sawi would have to stop by his dentist on the way out of the Arena!



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