ArabsMMA Top 5 Knockouts of 2013

What’s up fight fans! Can you believe it?! 2013 is almost over! Yup, time to take stock of those New Year’s resolutions you had come up with 337 days on January 1st and see how well you’ve done.

3. Jawad Lhaymer vs Ramadan Tyson
Surprisingly enough, there haven’t been many KO’s inflicted by kicks. TKO’s yes, KO’s not really. That is until Lhaymer met Tyson.

The main event of GFC, that was originally scheduled to occur on the 25th of October , but never happened since a crowd brawl had laid rest to those plans. The wait though was well worth it. The light heavyweight put it all on the line!

Jawad, coming in as the underdog, brought things to a resounding conclusion. With both fighters in the middle of the cage and waiting for the other to make a move, Jawad unleashed a right kick that Ramadan assumed was headed for his leg (he can even be seen attempting to “check” the kick). Unbeknownst to him, Jawad’s target was not really Ramadan leg or body, but rather his head.

Jawad struck his target and knocked out the heavily favored Kuwaiti in an instant classic!

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