ArabsMMA Top 5 Knockouts of 2013

2. Abdulkareem El Selwady vs. Yousef Hamad

This is the one few people saw coming… Except for Selwady and his team admittedly.

Selwady came into this fight as the underdog on most fans cards. Here he was facing a renowned BJJ black belt with a knack of securing submissions in a micro-second (witness his Armbar submission win over Mallick Quran) and who hadn’t gone past the first round in his three previous bouts. On top of that, Hamad had a significant height and reach advantage.

Abdulkareem Al Selwady on the other hand had to face the pressure of an expectant home crowd in the Arena and had publicly promised that he would win this title fight and dedicate the shield to his father who had supported him throughout his MMA journey.

The fight began with fighters trading punches, but Hamad was clearly looking to close the distance and take this fight to the matt. When he succeeded and had Selwady in his guard, an audible gasp could be heard in the crowd. All of a sudden the Jordanian crowd’s worst nightmare appeared to be in the making. Selwady had other plans though and worked his way out of the guard and got the fight standing again. Shortly afterwards the 10 seconds clap rung out and most expected this fight to go to the 2nd round. Selwady decided to roll the dice and, with exactly 4 seconds remaining, threw a right handed superman punch which didn’t connect but the follow up left did… Oh boy did it connect… In a flash, Hamad, who was retreating and walking backwards, had fallen backwards and the Jordanian had swarmed and delivered additional punches. Not that they were necessary, the left had done all the damage and a new Desert Force featherweight was born!



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