Training with Blackzilians, Bechir Majri gets ready for Desert Force 3

Its been one week I have been here training for my upcoming fight in desert force. This gym is the best in the world.

As the competition between fighters is getting more intense, the level of skills in fighting is getting more professional. A lot of fighters are leaving their home countries to train abroad to refine their skills in search of better results. Bechir Majri is no exception to the rule since he is in the process of training with the “Blackzillians” gym for his next fight.

Majri talks about his experience at the gym,”Its been one week I have been here training for my upcoming fight in desert force. Blackzilians gym is the best in the world, it is located in the suburbs of Miami. The name in Florida is precisely called “Deleray”. I train with many fighters from UFC, Bellator, Strikeforce, and Dream such as Rashad Evans, Alister Overeem, Neyin Hezam, Jorge Santiago, and Thiago Silva. Training here is a completely different experience because my sparring partners are different than those in my home country and they are well experienced in MMA. I’m here with my trainer and 3 fellow fighters from France. I am ready for my next fight of course! I was getting ready to compete against Ali Naimeh, but he got injured. So, I am not sure who I am fighting against next. I would definitely have to change strategy now that I know it’s not him.”

I would like to thank Blackzilains gym for refining my skills and helping me get ready for my next match. Also, I would like to thank you, Arabs MMA, for taking time and interviewing me

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