Triki Climbs The Lightweight Ranks With Aityachou In His Corner


A special guest popped up at Desert Force 12 in Amman, Jordan to corner his teammate Mohamad Triki! Yes, it was non other than Rebels Team light heavyweight Abdel Ali Aityashou who came all the way from Stockholm Sweden to support his teammate in his second professional fight. Aityashou had recently moved to Sweden where he joined Team Gringo under the tutelage of Magnus William Cedenblad, a current middleweight UFC fighter.

Rebels Team are now directly affiliated with Team Gringo as mentioned by Triki and AbdelAli after the fight. Team Gringo logo along side Team Rebels were on Triki’s banner as he got his hand raised that night.

Triki continued his rapid ascent up the lightweight ranks with a referee stoppage victory over the vastly more experienced Mohammad Hassan. He had previously made a successful debut when he submitted Ahmed Al Bossairy in Desert Force Bahrain, dropping from welterweight has worked wonders for this guy!

This kind of affiliation can only mean a better future for our arab fighters as they will learn more and more from Magnus, who is known for his friendliness and overly giving personality. All Team Rebel’s fighters will represent Team Gringo in competitions and more related information about this relationship will soon be revealed from both sides.

One thing is for sure, training under a UFC figher with a record like Magnus’s can only take those fighters further on many different levels, be it physically, technically or even psychologically. Good luck for both teams and let’s hope for the best!

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