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UAE Warriors 42 delivers six first-round finishes

UAE Warriors 42 rear naked choke

UAE Warriors 42 not only followed in the footsteps of Friday’s fight card but also surpassed it when it came down to delivering finishes. Eight out of ten bouts have ended before the final bell with six of them didn’t reach the five minutes mark. 

Attila Korkmaz def. Karlo Caput

The last stop prior to two title fights that closed UAE Warriors 42. As it happened earlier, the bout started with cautious strike exchanges. Caput went for a takedown and took Korkmaz to the ground. The Turk fighter was able to put down any offensive attempts from his Croatian counterpart. Caput stood up and was even able to pass Korkmaz’s guard. However, his leg was trapped by the Turk fighter, who closed the deal with a heel hook.  

Alex da Silva vs. Ali Mashrapov 

The first outing was full of takedown attempts by both fighters and a lot of clinching. There also were some strike exchanges with Mashrapov throwing a spinning back fist. The highlight of the second round was da Silva’s attempt at a guillotine choke on Mashrapov, who was pushed to the fence. The third round began with a strike exchange, but da Silva was quick to engage in the clinch. Mashrapov freed himself and more strike exchanges followed. Da Silva threw a knee strike that send Mashrapov to the ground. 

Abdullo Khodzhaev vs. Rustem Kudaybergenov 

Another bout that started with slow-paced exchanges. Khodzhaev was the one to push the pace with his takedown attempts. It finally paid off as he took Kudaybergenov to the ground. However, the Kazakhstan fighter was able to get back on his feet. After another cautious strike exchanges, Khodzhaev went back to his wrestling and successfully took his opponent down. After some struggle, he was able to take Kudaybergenov back and lock a Rear – naked choke.  

Furkatbek Yokubov vs. Junifer Kimmayong 

This catchweight affair started with a punch and kick exchanges. Yokubov successfully went for a takedown but found himself inside Kimmayong’s guard. The next few minutes passed with some short punch exchanges and Yokubov’s attempts to pass his opponent’s guard. The referee had seen enough of it and ordered both fighters to resume the bout in a vertical position. Neither of them was eager to throw a first strike. Finally, Yokubow threw a left hook, which found his mark and send Kimmayong to the canvas. 

Amru Magomedov vs. Renan Oliveira

After some initial strike exchanges, the Brazilian fighter went for the takedown, pushing Magomedov to the fence. There clinch exchanges followed. Oliveira suffered an incidental knee strike to the groin, but was able to shake it off quickly. The bout was resumed in the center of the cage, but the Brazilian went for another clinch. Magomedov managed to take him down and push him to the fence. There he dished out some ground-and-pound punishment, but the referee stepped in. All because the Russian fighter was holding a fence with one hand while punching his opponent with the other one. After resuming the bout Magomedov went for a takedown and pushed Oliveira toward the fence. After taking him down he managed to take his back and lock in a Rear – naked choke. 

Elin Öberg vs. Ding Miao 

Only women’s fight on the card didn’t last long. Oberg was pushing the pace from the beginning. She successfully defended all takedown attempts by the Chinese fighter. During the next few minutes, Oberg managed to push and keep Miao near the fence. Suddenly she rushed in with her punch combinations and followed it with knees to Miao’s head, forcing the referee to stop the bout. 

Murad Bilarov vs. Bagysh Zharmamatov

The bout began with some cautious strike exchanges. The first round was a slow-paced action affair. The same goes for the second outing. After four minutes mark Bilarov managed to hit his opponent with a combination, that shook him. This allowed Bilarov to follow with a knee strike to the crouched opponent. Despite the knee hitting Zharmamatov’s shoulder, Bilarov was deducted a point by the referee. At the beginning of the third round, Bilarov’s defended a takedown attempt by his opponent. Next, thanks to some short punches, he was able to pass Zharmamatov’s guard and mount him. Zharmamtov made a crucial mistake and exposed his buck, which allowed Bilarov to lock a picture-perfect Rear – naked choke, forcing his opponent to tap out. 

Ullubiy Amirzhanov vs. Filip Marić

The opening bout of the UAE Warriors 42 fight card delivered one of the quickest submission wins in the promotion’s history. Right out of the gate Marić went for a double-leg takedown. And he succeeded with it but found himself trapped in Amirzhanov’s guillotine choke. The Croatian fighter tapped out after just a few seconds of struggle. 

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