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UAE Warriors Arabia Pioneers Developmental Division

Fouad Darwish, General Manager of UAE Warriors

Established in 2012, UAE Warriors played a crucial role in the development of MMA in the Middle East. The promotion has been home to a majority of the current generation MMA fighters in the region who had made a name in global promotions such as Bellator and the UFC.

Fouad Darwish, the General Manager of UAE Warriors has announced the launch of UAE Warriors Arabia which will be the first of its kind to give a platform for regional MMA fighters to launch their career at the global level.

The recent event UAE Warriors 13 at Dubai also witnessed the presence of the greatest MMA fighter in the world, Khabib Nurmagomedov in attendance to support the initiative. Currently, the organization holds the largest market share in all of the Middle East inspiring regional promotions to give more opportunities to talent from the region.

In the latest announcement, Fouad Darwish, General Manager of Palms Sports and the General Manager of UAE Warriors has announced the launch of the latest project targeted to give opportunities for growth for regional talent.

Today we are a part of a great team following the instructions and kind directions of HE Abdulmenem Al Hashemi in introducing UAE Warriors Arabia. This is going to be a very distinctive series with multi-faceted benefits but one goal and one goal only. Embrace and avail a launchpad for Arab talent to the international scene. We have many young affluent Arab fighters who are desiring or are in dire need of an opportunity. And as UAE is used to and accustomed to, we are here for the great ecosystem that brings the best for everyone.

Fouad Darwish, General Manager of UAE Warriors

The initiative will benefit Arab fighters by giving them a challenging platform to compete in an evenly matched environment ahead of covering the knowledge curve to compete at a global level. This will also allow promoters to identify regional talent who require support so that they could perform exceptionally at the global level.

Abu Dhabi is reigning as the undisputed capital of combat sports in the Middle East. The move by the UFC to set up a permanent base in the region gave numerous Arab MMA fighters the opportunity to compete at a global level. The former UAE Warriors star, Mounir Lazzez made a transition to the UFC, winning his debut with a Fight of the Night performance.

The announcement was welcomed by Arab MMA fighters in the region as a much-awaited progressive step towards the future of the sports in the region. UAE Warriors are in the works to launch the 14th edition of the event.

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