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Unveiling UFC Fight Deck at UFC 272

The UFC announced that the UFC Fight Deck will make its debut from the upcoming UFC 272. The new upgrades to the octagon brings state-of-the-art LED decking displays around its outer circumference, to enhance the viewing experience of UFC events. The latest upgrades bringsthrilling lighting effects, graphics, animation, video, and more, to improve the content experience.

The UFC Fight Deck has been custom-built for UFC, weighs over five tons, and features eight tiles comprising over 175 sq. ft. of LED lighting around the standard 30-foot Octagon.  Each panel offers full-motion HD video that supports dynamic branding and messaging capabilities that can be used to augment the UFC experience with greater fan engagement and partnership branding opportunities.

The deck will also be integrated at key moments with UFC Fight Clock, UFC’s proprietary and innovative time-keeping system, to give a unified, multi-level LED look to the Octagon.  UFC Fight Clock, which was introduced last year, utilizes advanced technology, including the most flexible high-definition screens in the world, to provide fighters and fans with the most accurate time-keeping system in combat sports.  UFC Fight Deck will initially be utilized at every UFC event in the United States, including events at UFC APEX, with plans to eventually incorporate the system into international shows.

The UFC Fight Deck stricture was designed and built by premiere staging company All Access, Inc., while the LED display screens were manufactured by PixelFLEX, a leader in LED technology, which was previously involved in the design for the UFC Fight Clock.

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