Venum Fight Night Collection: When MMA Meets Rap Music

Ciryl Gane x Gradur

Venum launches the exclusive UFC Fight Night collection, featuring UFC Champion Cyril Gane and music award-winning rapper Gradur. The sportswear collections by Venum took over the world’s top Mixed Martial Arts promotion replacing Reebok.

The exclusiveUFC Fight Night collection, featuring Gane and Gradur, pays tribute to their meteoric rise in their respective arts, these two sports and music personalities continue to climb the ladder. The launch of the Fight Night Collection is a part of Venum and UFC standing up for MMA through the #Weareartists campaign.

The campaign aims to legitimize the place of MMA alongside the conventional arts. Earlier also many artists came out in support for the sport, however the latest campaign is a new step towards the direction of setting a new trend in the world of combat sports.

On this ocassion, Venum has released an inspiring video which is a must watch for fight fans around the world.

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