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With the calendar now officially flipped to 2017, we proceed with our End-of-Year ArabsMMA Awards with our choices for the Submission of the Year.

It’s been yet another incredible period for fight fans across the Arab world who have witnessed some of the best action in the history of the sport almost on a monthly basis. It’s been 12 action-packed months stacked with breathtaking knockouts, super slick submissions and unbelievable fights.

Over the next few days, ArabsMMA is going to ask for your opinion on some of the best things that have happened in the Arab MMA world over the course of 2016. We must admit, it’s quite difficult to choose Submission of the Year. Do you go with the submission finish in a high-stakes matchup? Or, for Brazilian jiu-jitsu purists, do you reward the best technique?

Once again we at ArabsMMA have shortlisted some of finest highlight reel moments of the year.

Let’s get right to it, watch the submissions again and share your vote below for the submission that you believe deserves to be the number 1 submission.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to share your voice. You can vote once every day, and voting closes on the 16th of January 2016.

Jarrah Al Selawi Vs. Ramy Hamed – Desert Force 24

Tarek Suleiman Vs. Yacine Bandaoui – Desert Force 23

Nawras Abzakh Vs. Jalal Aldaaja – Desert Force 24

Elias Boudegzdame Vs. Walel Watson – Brave 2

Abdulkareem Al Selwady Vs Rami Aziz – Brave 1

Nawras Abzakh Vs. Aldir Ramos – Desert Force 25

George Bardawil Vs. Dhruv Chaudhary – Cedar FC 1

Jarrah Al Selawi Vs. Erik Carlsson – Brave 2

David Bear Vs. Mohamed Ghorabi – Desert Force 20

Mhamad Karaki Vs. Issey Francis – Desert Force 25

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