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Why Haven’t We Seen Wael Karkad On The Arab MMA scene ?

Wael Karkad (4-0) , one of the most talented MMA fighters in Tunisia has proved himself at Cage Warriors Fight Nights that took place in numerous Arab countries. Fighting as a lightweight, he out boxed and out grappled his opponents showing he is ready to jump in the cage with the big boys. In his latest fight at cage Warriors Fight Night 7, almost a year from this day, he defeated Ahmad Ibrahim in what was a very close fight via split decision. Ahmad had previously fought the likes of Ray “The Magical” Elbe and JJ Ambrosse in the Kuwaiti promotion GFC (Gladiator Fighting Championship) gaining 2 consecutive wins against these MMA vets!

Does this ring any bells people ?

Karkad can surely dance with the best lightweights in the Arab promotions! Given the chance, he will surely put on a good show wherever he fights against who ever he faces.

The above highlights are from:
Cage Warriors Fight Night 2 : Wael Korked defeats Mohammad Wasfi by KO after 1:40 of Round 1
Cage Warriors Fight Night 4 : Wael Korked defeats Mohammad Ibrahim by submission (armbar) after 1:11 of Round 2

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