War Machine’s Porn Star and the 7 Arrest Warrants

War Machine ,the former Bellator and UFC fighter formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver, went big on august 8, 2014


I have no recollection of how many times I was hit… I just know my injuries that resulted from my beating.

The cops will never give me fair play, never believe me. Still deciding what to do but at the end of the day it’s all just heartbreaking

War Machine ,the former Bellator and UFC fighter formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver, went big on august 8, 2014 after he was considered, by the LVPD, the only primary suspect in the beating of his “on and off” girlfriend Christy Mack. The latter commented and posted photos to her twitter account showing her purple colored skin after War Machine’s visit to her Las Vegas home.

Christy Mack’s Twitter account Post was as follows:

At about 2am Friday morning, Jon Koppenhaver arrived unannounced to my home in Las Vegas, NV, after he broke up with me in May, he moved out of my house and back to San Diego. When he arrived, he found myself and one other fully clothed and unarmed in the house. Without a single word spoken, he began beating my friend; once he was finished, he sent my friend away and turned his attention to me. He made me undress and shower in front of him, then dragged me out and beat my face. I have no recollection of how many times I was hit, I just know my injuries that resulted from my beating.My injuries include 18 broken bones around my eyes, my nose is broken in 2 places, I am missing teeth and several more are broken. I unable to chew, or see out of my left eye. My speach is slurred from my swelling and lack of teeth. I have a fractured rib and severely ruptured liver from a kick to my side. My leg is so badly injured I have not been able to walk on my own. I also attained several lesions from a knife he got from my kitchen. He pushed the knife into me in some areas such as my hand, ear, and head. He also sawed much of my hair off of the handle and continued to threaten me with the blade. I believed I was going to die.

He has beaten me many times before, but never this badly. He took my phone and canceled all of my plans for the following week to make sure no one would worry about my whereabouts. He told he was going to rape me, but was disappointed in himself when he could not get hard. After another hit or two, he left me on the floor bleeding and shaking, holding my side from the pain of my rib. He left the room and wen to the kitchen where I could hear him ruffling through my drawers. Assuming he was finding a sharper, more stable knife to end my life, I ran out my back door, shutting it behind me so the dogs didn’t run inside to top him off. I hopped the fence to the golf course behind my house and ran through the neighborhood knocking on doors. Finally, one answered and I was brought to the hospital and treated for my injuries.

I would like to thank everyone for their support through this rough time. I am healing fast and well, and I appreciate all of the prayers and visits I have received over the past few days. After many months of fear and pressure to keep this man happy, although I fear for my life, I feel that I can no longer put myself in this situation. The cheating by him nearly every day, and almost weekly abuse if now more than I can stand. There is a $10k reward for the capture of Jon Koppenhaver at this time. Please report any information to your local police.

Thank you.

– Christy Mack

As a response to convince his innocence, War Machine, on his twitter account on Sunday, explained that he was not a bad guy and his intentions were different than the outcome had not the other guy been there.

“I only wish that man hadn’t been there, and that Christy [and] I would be happily engaged. I don’t know [why] I’m cursed. One day truth will come out.”

“I’m not a bad guy, I went to surprise my [girlfriend], help her set up her show and give her an engagement ring and ended up fighting for my life,”

Bellator President Scott Coker announced that at Belabor there is a zero tolerance policy for any kind of abuse and violence outside the octagon from any fighter. He stressed that the actions of Jon Koppenhaver resulted in his dismissal from the the organization and the destruction of his contract.

Jon Koppenhaver, War Machine, played three times with Bellator; losing his October fight to a rear-naked choke by Ron Kevlar in the first round.

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  • She is a bitch + a porn star ,, that’s the least she deserves !

    and he a porn star too , so instead of War machine you can call him “Whore machine”

  • No one deserves that kind of abuse no matter what their profession he knew her job when he got with her so…. Also any man ANY MAN that puts his hands on a woman is nothing more than a Pussy in my book and i hope now that they got him in prison with REAL animals i hope that they show what FEAR really is #fuckhisassup

  • Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver
    # 1934433
    800 S. Victoria Ave Jail
    Ventura CA 93009

    1 count Battery Resulting in Substantial Bodily Harm – 1 to 5 yrs – $10k fine.
    1 count Battery By Strangulation – 1 to 20 yrs – $10k fine.
    2 counts Battery with Substantial Bodily Harm – 2 to 10 yrs – $20k fine.
    1 count Open and Gross Lewdness – 1 yr – $2k fine – Sex Offender Reg.
    1 count Assault with Deadly Weapon – 2 to 15 yrs – $5k fine.
    1 count Coercion with Use of Force or Threat of Force – 1 to 6 yrs – $5k fine.

    Taking into account his violent law-breaking history, he’s looking forward to probably $50k+ for legal defense, 5+ yrs in prison, $30k+ in fines, and $250k+ in lawsuit settlements.

    He just screwed the rest of his life over with his pathetic ‘I can get away with anything’ ego. War Machine’s name will be changing to ‘Prison Punk’ when he’s corn-holed by Bubba, the 480 lb gorilla from Manila who doesn’t play by octagon rules in general population.

    And of course he just kissed his professional fighting and lame porno careers goodbye. Whenever he does gets out, he’ll be a registered sex-offender and with his colorful history, the only work he’ll find on the street is sweeping it.

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