What Did BRAVE CF CEO Tell Tahar Hadbi?

BRAVE CF 57 reignited one of the fiercest rivalries in the history of MMA in the MENA region – Tahar Hadbi against Mohammad Fakhreddine. The rivalry resulted in two battles between the Algerian striker and the pioneer from Lebanon. While the first fight concluded in a no-contest with Hadbi landing an accidental groin shot to Fakhreddine that left him incapacitated, the second one was stopped by the referee in favor of Hadbi.

The third and fourth-time Fakhreddine fought against a fighter from Algeria, was against Said Maalem with Fakhreddine crowned a double champion after defeating Maalem after the fourth fight via a highly debated TKO.

As soon as the fight concluded, Fakhreddine walked to Maalem’s corner flipping his finger against Hadbi provoking him to jump inside the cage and charge against Fakhreddine. However, Mohammed Shahid, CEO of BRAVE Combat Federation interfered talking to Hadbi. While there is no news on what Shahid had spoken to Hadbi, the photographs shared by Hari Bhagirath, Co-Editor of Arabs MMA and the former Chief Creative Officer at BRAVE Combat Federation who was the brains behind the final fight between Hadbi and Fakhreddine reveals possibilities for a trilogy.

Did BRAVE CF offer Hadbi a chance for redemption? BRAVE CF has not revealed any details while the cornerman’s camera might have captured the incident.

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Hari Bhagirath is the former Chief Creative Officer at BRAVE Combat Federation. Currently, he heads Strategic Relations and Financial Communication for a major Fortune 100 organization. He is also the co-founder of Totem Capital, a private wealth management initiative.

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