What’s At Stake At Desert Force Bahrain?


What’s At Stake At Desert Force Bahrain

AbdulKareem Alselwady Vs Aziz Julaidan

At stake: Everything and then comes the Shield! Noodle for a moment in future where Al Selwady isn’t the champion on Saturday morning. Think about the kind of havoc that will cause. For starters, much of Al Selwady’s identity isn’t just a champion but a finisher! Yet again, Julaidan has been after this Shield for a while mentioning it on every possible opportunity. Grabbing this opportunity is a must or else it could be a while before he finds him self in a position to fight for the title.

Mounir Lazzez Vs Amr Wahmann

At stake: Bragging rights and maybe the universe. It doesn’t take a genius to note the winner here has license to do a fair amount of bragging. Expect him to call out the champ, you can trust me on that! But wow, talk about a fight where both fighters will give it a 100% before thinking of giving it all up.Whoever comes out victorious, a very clear roar will echo down the welterweight division.

Mark Tanios Vs Mohamad Abdulkareem

At stake: In a thin heavyweight division, no fighter has yet made a statement that he is the best around. Even a new comer like Tanios, might be the scariest dude in the heavyweight division if he finishes the hulk. then again, another back to back finish from the Egyptian Abdul Kareem will put him on top for the time being .

Who ever wins this fight will be the “guy to beat” in the heavyweight division! Talk about big boys, cant wait to see these 2 staring each other in the cage!

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