What’s Next For Ibrahim El Sawi After Desert Force 22 Loss?

Desert Force 22

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A remarkable main and undercard at Desert Force 22 blew the roof off, oh wait, there were no roofs at the King Hussein Gardens in Amman, Jordan on Monday April 18, 2016.

That night, a handful of fighters did not go the distance with three first round knockouts and 4 submissions on the 7-fight undercard.

But which fighter suffered from the worst post-fight hangover at Desert Force 22?

Ibrahim El Sawi.

So what’s next for Ibrahim El Sawi after the Desert Force 22 loss?

Definitely not a title shot.

The heavy-handed middleweight landed in Amman, hoping to pick up his win and secure himself closer to his much-desired rematch against Mohammad Karaki.

Unfortunately for “HOLAKO”, he ran into a very determined Daniel Cooper, who was looking to capture his first victory after losing his professional MMA debut in Kuwait.

From the get-go, both men came out swinging heavy leather, hoping to land an early home run punch to put the fight to bed early. Despite being the bigger stronger and dominant aggressor in the first round, El Sawi couldn’t seem to get the job done.

Despite his best efforts (see them again here) – El Sawi was rocked with a straight right in the opening seconds of round 2 and was unable to recover, submitting to Cooper’s strikes half way through the round. A surprising win for Copper snapped a previously scheduled title shot for El Sawi.

So, where does El Silawi go from here?

Despite this loss, El Sawi shouldn’t tumble too far down in the middleweight rankings. After all, no other middleweight has been doing what he has over the last year, taking on all comers whenever the chance presented itself.

And while you normally don’t see a fighter risk it against someone going the opposite way, El Sawi didn’t mind taking on this new comer.

On paper that should have been an easy fight. Right?

I believe El Sawi should face someone like Alaa Mansour or Sallah Dekhissi in order to recover from this loss. s**t happens, don’t get me wrong, but losing to a 0-1 guy is not just a slip in the park. Unless, of course, you have a better suggestion in mind.

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