What’s Next for the Winners of Desert Force 13

After the Desert Force 13 event, one cannot help but wonder what’s next in line for both the winners and their not so lucky opponents with regards to their future plans in mixed martial arts competition.


For Mohammad “O Lutador” Karaki, his impressive win at middle weight (84 KG) against Mehdi gives him two options:

  1. Relinquish his light heavyweight title and fight at middle weight with a more comfortable and leaner body build
  2. Get back to light heavyweight to face challenger Sami Antar

Karaki has proved himself over and over again ever since his debut in Desert Force. It’s a long shot for Karaki to back out from a fight, especially when he was called out in an aggressive manner by Antar. However, it is interesting to see Karaki fight at middle weight against the likes of middle weight champion Ibrahim El Sawi eventually. Whatever Karaki chooses to do, it will surely be for his best interest and entertaining for the fans.


Mohamad Triki has worked hard since Desert Force Al Academia, beating some of the biggest names in Desert Force and defeating the always ready Silvester Saba in Desert Force 13. Surely, Triki deserves a title shot and should be next in line to get one against his former Al Academia rival, blue team member, Tarek Hamdi. This will be an excellent fight and is already much anticipated.


Mohammad Yahya put on a courageous show of heart against Alnaemi. After a fight that seemed to be swinging in the balance Yahya eventually pulled off a win against Alnaemi who could not continue to fight in the third round. Still, Yahya is not yet in perfect line for a title shot, but is the number two contender right behind Triki. A fight between these two could settle it out. Yet Triki could just get the shot as he already rides a 3 win streak in one year !! So how about a fight against Elie Elrayyis to settle this ? We’ll see how Desert Force decides to go with this one.


Mohammad Fakhreddine is still undefeated in Desert Force and at two different weight divisions. His victory over Georges Eid made a big statement in the welter weight (77 KG) division. However, Fakhreddine’s original opponent for the fight was MounirLazzaz, who received a late injury forcing him to pull out of the bout.

Next in line, Mohammad “The Latest” Fakhreddine vs Mounir “The Sniper” Lazzaz, for sure.


Ibrahim El Sawi finally won the Desert Force middle weight (84 KG) title. Now, El Sawi, after so many years, can take a well-deserved rest and wait it out until he receives a top middle weight contender that deserves a title shot and can make a big headline fight.

Hopefully, we will see these fighters in action soon matches up against other opponents for the best fights in the Arab region. Whatever they choose to do and whoever Desert Force choose to put them up against will be intriguing to see and know.


Tarek suleiman could be next in line for a title shot as the middeleweight division lacks top contenders and he surely packs all the skills to be one . Yet after Karaki’s drop to middleweight , things might be a little bit more exciting! Suleiman Vs Karaki to nominate the next middleweight title challenger makes some serious sense on paper. We have a Champion dropping weight Vs A tough World class Suleiman with a TKO finish in his latest fight. Yet all this could change of Desert Force decide that Karaki should defend his lighteavyweight title first. Let’s wait and see!

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